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About Us

Classic movies and shows from the golden age of film are often overlooked by those seeking a good watch. Most have wonderful plots and casts with expert acting skills. They give us a glimpse into our history, and we can often see where "this" theme or "that" plot device was used for the first time. Many of these films will be new to people watching today.

We here at SecondFlix will strive to bring you the best of these works organized in an easy to use format for your viewing enjoyment.

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Noir 1930-1960
Horror/Sci-Fi 1930-1980
Comedy 1920-1965

All media linked to here on SecondFlix is certified by the entities hosting the files to either be in the public domain or otherwise licensed so that there are no restrictions on copying or sharing. See LEGAL.

Playing Videos

Playing The Videos

Auto downloaders for video, like IDM, may try to download instead of allowing the video to play.  Before trying to “play”, wait for the spinner to stop and the embed to load. We are working on incorporating a custom player.

Some series are missing episodes that lack streaming rights.


HD = great

SD = good

VHS = kinda blurry

LOW = kinda bad