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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe - Season 1
1 Enemies of the Universe 16-07-1955
2 Atomic Peril 23-07-1955
3 Cosmic Vengeance 30-07-1955
4 Nightmare Typhoon 06-08-1955
5 War of the Space Giants 13-08-1955
6 Destroyers of the Sun 20-08-1955
7 Robot Monster from Mars 27-08-1955
8 The Hydrogen Hurricane 03-09-1955
9 Solar Sky Raiders 10-09-1955
10 S.O.S. Ice Age 17-09-1955
11 Lost in Outer Space 24-09-1955
12 Captives of the Zero Hour 08-10-1955
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