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Tales of the Unexpected - Season 6
1 Image A Passing Opportunity 09-04-1983
2 Image The Memory Man 16-04-1983
3 Image A Sad Loss 23-04-1983
4 Image Clerical Error 30-03-1983
5 Image Heir Presumptuous 07-05-1983
6 Image Where's Your Sense of Humour? 14-04-1983
7 Image Down Among the Sheltering Palms 21-05-1983
8 Image The Vorpal Blade 28-05-1983
9 Image The Wrong 'Un 11-06-1983
10 Image The Luncheon 19-06-1983
11 Image The Tribute 25-06-1983
12 Image Hit and Run 10-05-1983
13 Image Youth from Vienna 02-07-1983
14 Image Turn of the Tide 03-09-1983
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