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Tales of the Unexpected - Season 7
1 Image The Dirty Detail 12-05-1984
2 Image The Best Chess Player in the World 19-05-1984
3 Image Proxy 26-05-1984
4 Image Have a Nice Death 02-06-1984
5 Image Number Eight 09-06-1984
6 Image The Last of the Midnight Gardeners 16-06-1984
7 Image The Gift of Beauty 30-06-1984
8 Image Wet Saturday 07-07-1984
9 Image Sauce for the Goose 21-07-1984
10 Image Bird of Prey 04-08-1984
11 Image I Like it Here in Wilmington 08-11-1984
12 Image Accidental Death 19-08-1984
13 Image The Reconciliation 16-09-1984
14 Image The Mugger 14-10-1984
15 Image The Open Window 21-10-1984
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