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      Be nice – it’s a lotta work done fast.

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      In case you are not aware the site doesn’t seem to be loading videos. No hurry just wanted to let you know.


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      As of now it uses your browser’s player to play .mp4 video. It is possible something may interfere with this. Currently tested with Chrome, Firefox, Safari…iPad, Android…MocOS and Windows. These all seem to be working fine.

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      Hello ub_kma, I was wondering if you had any word on the original site? sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask. I 100% intend to support you($$$), your work is very appreciated! on behalf of everyone else I apologize for being so selfish before. you are missed!

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      I appreciate the sentiments! Money was the main factor, but when it returns there will also be software, performance and legal issues sorted so that it is more enduring. Many months at least.

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      Hiya ub_kma….have ya’ missed me? lol

      Anyway, where can one request old TV shows? I’d LOVE to see The Time Machine again. It was a favorite of mine when I was young. 🙂

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      Sorry, I did check and there is nothing available to stream on that show as of yet. It’s not easy to find specific shows/movies we are allowed to post, but it happens.

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      Sorry it’s taken me a bit to find my way around the new site. I posted a general comment under My Three Sons because I couldn’t find this spot, apologies again. Anyway what I said was, I was away and when I came back StreamDreams was gone, and this beautiful site was in it’s place! These shows and movies are bringing back such wonderful memories! Goodness life certainly was simpler back then. I think this site is just what is needed in this troubling time. Congratulations to you ub_kma, you should be very proud the site is wonderful! Lucy P.S. If I’m still not commenting in the right place please let me know

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      Thanks! Glad you like it!

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      Hi Ub_kuma

      Thank you for getting me sorted out. These old eyes need new glasses but, that can’t happen until this virus stuff settles down.

      I just kept checking the other site and this finally popped up as a substitute. Place looks great, glad I found you all. 🙂

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      Hey UB… thank you for this site… loving some of the shows on here… lots of happy memories.
      If you dont mind, I have a question re Streamdreams? Is it up and running yet? Ive tried to log in but its asking me to enter capturs and then says its checking my browser and then goes back to another capture and this happens over and over. Maybe you haven’t restarted it yet and that’s why? Thanks and hope all is well 🙂

Viewing 10 reply threads
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