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The Edsel Show

1 Seasons - 1 Episodes

1957 ENDED 58 min 65

The Edsel Show is an hour-long television special broadcast live on CBS in the United States on October 13, 1957, intended to promote Ford Motor Company's new Edsel cars. It was a milestone in Bing Crosby's career, and was notable as the first CBS entertainment program to be recorded on videotape, for rebroadcasting it in the western part of the country after the show was performed live for the east.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Music

Cast: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney


  • ub_kma says:

    The actual show starts at 4:30, preceded by a discussion on it being the oldest videotape in existence.

  • ub_kma says:

    Wow, watching live TV from before I was born. Excellent audio. Louis Armstrong...a bunch of old greats. And the Edsel!

  • Robertat says:

    Wow just an ocean of memories with this one. My mom and dad's music when I was a kid I was 10. I've never seen why Frank Sinatra was so popular til I watched this. At the beginning when they were fairly serious his voice was truly incredible. Most of the time they sing sort of laughingly and lose that perfection. They sure tried to sell that Edsel! Epic fail. When I saw Bob Hope I couldn't believe how much he looked like Kelsey Grammar. Thanks for this!

  • Lucylou says:

    Loved every minute! Even though this was before I was born, not too long before lol, this music was played all the time as it was my parents favourite! Louis Armstrong has always been, and still is, a favourite of mine, the man could blow a horn! The opening number with Bing & Louis and the band was taken right out of a scene they did in one of Bing's movies, I believe it was High Society with Katherine Hepburn, but I could be wrong. Watching this made me think of Andy Williams when he had his show on TV and he introduced the Osmond Brothers. Anyone else remember that? Would love to see those shows again.

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